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Honeybook Review! We Made The Switch. Here's What We Think.

At the beginning of this year, we switched over to Honeybook as our new client management software. We had researched a few different platforms and Honeybook just gave us a really good vibe. 😎It offered everything we needed at a very affordable price. It also appeared to be a platform geared toward creative types, which helped seal the deal for us.

Now that we’ve been using it for almost four solid months, we wanted to share some feedback! Let’s begin with a review of all the things Honeybook does.

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Boudoir Photography Clients To Avoid

Along the way, I’ve developed relationships with my boudoir photography clients. They share stories and, with each story, I always take away something that I believe can be beneficial in either my own business or beneficial to other photographers.

The latest tip I’m about to share is really quite straightforward and simple but I feel it’s important to say it aloud (and even louder for those in the back) …

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Branding Your Boudoir Photography Blog

Earlier this week we published a new article on How To Design A Blog Post. While it’s important that your posts are interesting to your audience and grammatically correct, there’s another aspect of blogging that sometimes gets forgotten about. The design.

In Tuesday’s post, we shared tips for making your content shine by applying some simple design concepts. And, of course, that got us thinking about our core client … the boudoir photographer. In today’s post, we’re going to share nine design tips specific to a boudoir photography blog.

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20 Blog Post Topic Ideas For The Boudoir Photographer

Hello, boudoir photographers! Today we have a lovely little treat for you. Earlier this week we published a post about blogging: 6 Characteristics Of A Kick-Ass Blog. (If you’ve been following us for awhile, you know we’re HUGE advocates of blogging.) Our recent post got us thinking … what topics would be interesting for a boudoir photographer to write about? What kind of content would entice new clients to read more and educate themselves on your website? So we made a list! (Like blogging, we also love lists. 😏) Here it is: 20 Blog Post Topic Ideas For The Boudoir Photographer!

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Getting Better Qualified Clients For Your Boudoir Photography Business

As business owners, most of us have made the mistake of working with the wrong client. You know … that client who you had your doubts about during the initial consultation call. That client who you knew might not be a great fit for your brand or style but you took on anyway. THAT client.

Typically working with the wrong type of client serves as one big mega learning experience. An experience that teaches you the warning signs to look out for and stay far away from. In this blog post, we’re going to share our secret weapon for weeding out the bad seeds right from the get-go. Removing the bad apples before wasting one minute of your precious time on them.

Ready to score the most qualified leads for your boudoir photography business? Keep reading!

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20 Free Google Fonts To Use In Your Boudoir Photography Business

Experimenting and playing with different fonts is quite frankly one of my favorite pastimes. I’m a designer … what can I say? If you’ve ever attempted searching for fonts to use on your boudoir photography website or a piece of marketing collateral then you know how challenging the process can be. There are literally thousands of amazing fonts out there. How does one choose? And then there’s the whole licensing thing. For example, there are different licenses for desktop and print, WebFonts, personal use vs. commercial use, and (my personal favorite) open-source. Yeah, who knew fonts were so complex?

Bookmark this blog post, boudoir photographers! I’m about to save you lots of time and energy when trying to pick fonts. I’ve selected 20 Google fonts that are bound to look fabulous in your marketing! Let’s explore them!

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How To Write Social Media Captions For Boudoir Photography

When we realized that our little agency was a hit in this big industry, we soaked it all up. Over the past year, we’ve worked with several boudoir photographers all over the U.S. to help them grow a presence and develop their brand on social media.

So what does social media management for a boudoir photographer look like? Well, in a nutshell, the photographer provides us with a voluptuous gallery of content, gives us creative freedom to use whatever images we think will work best, and attach a caption accordingly. (We also implement a strategy for increasing engagement and growth of the platforms but we’ll leave that wealth of wisdom for a different post.)

In this blog post, I’m going to share how I come up with captions for the boudoir photographer social media accounts that I manage. Here goes!

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5 Must-Have Elements For A Fabulous Boudoir Photography Website

Fun Fact: More than half of the clients we serve are in the business of boudoir photography. I guess you can call it our niche! In working with boudoir photographers, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to attract clients … a fabulous website, of course, being one of the things. In this blog post, I’m going to share five must-have elements for a boudoir photography website.

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