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Branding Your Boudoir Photography Blog

Earlier this week we published a new article on How To Design A Blog Post. While it’s important that your posts are interesting to your audience and grammatically correct, there’s another aspect of blogging that sometimes gets forgotten about. The design.

In Tuesday’s post, we shared tips for making your content shine by applying some simple design concepts. And, of course, that got us thinking about our core client … the boudoir photographer. In today’s post, we’re going to share nine design tips specific to a boudoir photography blog.

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How To Design A Blog Post

Blogging is about more than just writing a wonderful piece of content that your audience will love. It’s about making it pleasing to the eye, too! It doesn’t matter how amazing your post is … if the page layout is distracting, confusing, or cluttered, your readers are going to bail. And what a shame that would be considering all of the time and effort it takes to create a post to begin with!

Today we’re going to share some tips on how to lay out each of your blog posts in an aesthetically pleasing way. Let’s hop to it.🐰

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20 Blog Post Topic Ideas For The Boudoir Photographer

Hello, boudoir photographers! Today we have a lovely little treat for you. Earlier this week we published a post about blogging: 6 Characteristics Of A Kick-Ass Blog. (If you’ve been following us for awhile, you know we’re HUGE advocates of blogging.) Our recent post got us thinking … what topics would be interesting for a boudoir photographer to write about? What kind of content would entice new clients to read more and educate themselves on your website? So we made a list! (Like blogging, we also love lists. 😏) Here it is: 20 Blog Post Topic Ideas For The Boudoir Photographer!

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6 Characteristics Of A Kick-Ass Blog

Blogging can work wonders for your small business. Does it require a time commitment? Yes. Will it be worth the effort? YesBUT to realize the fruits of your labor, your blog will need to possess six specific characteristics. Nail these qualities and you can rightfully consider yourself the owner of a kick-ass blog. Here goes!

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Our 2019 Business Goals Revealed

Welcome to 2019! 🎊 We don’t know about you but we love being a business owners during this time of the year. A time when so many exciting opportunities are just waiting to be tapped into. Looking back at 2018, we can easily identify the things that worked for our business and the things that didn’t. Since we use this blog as a platform to share useful information with other creative entrepreneurs, we wanted to give you the countdown of discoveries we made in 2018 and how we’re using them to shape our business goals for this year.

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4 Easy Ways To Capture Leads On Your Website

Think of your website as a salesperson who works for you 24/7. Have you equipped this salesperson with all of the necessary tools to ace their job? Not only should your website contain a wealth of interesting and helpful content for visitors, but it should also serve as a portal for capturing new leads! In this blog post, we’re going to share a few easy ways to do this.  

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Tuesday Tip #13: 3 Ways To Come Up With Blog Post Topics

You stare at that little blinking cursor against a blank white document and the frustration builds. Writer’s block. The minutes gradually pass and, before you know it, an hour or two goes by. Still nothing. Now you’re really getting pissed off.

Does this situation sound familiar? Yup. We’ve been there, too. However, we have a few techniques that help us break through writer’s block. For today’s Tuesday Tip, we’re going to share three different ways we come up with topics for the LMG blog. Bookmark this post and never suffer through the creative process ever again.

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