Tuesday Tip #13: 3 Ways To Come Up With Blog Post Topics


You stare at that little blinking cursor against a blank white document and the frustration builds. Writer’s block. The minutes gradually pass and, before you know it, an hour or two goes by. Still nothing. Now you’re really getting pissed off. 


Does this situation sound familiar? Yup. We’ve been there, too. However, we have a few techniques that help us break through writer’s block. For today’s Tuesday Tip, we’re going to share three different ways we come up with topics for the LMG blog. Bookmark this page and never suffer through the creative process ever again.

1. Create a list of commonly asked questions from your clients or customers.

Your website should be a useful resource for visitors. And developing a blog is the perfect way to address the topics that your customers and clients are interested in learning more about! One thing that we do at LMG is keep track of the marketing questions we get asked. If the same question ends up on our list multiple times, guess what that means? We’re creating a blog post about it! 


Building content from frequently asked questions can help drive more traffic to your website. How? Think of it this way … if multiple clients are asking you a similar question, just think of how many prospective clients are Googling answers to that very same question. 


Tracking your FAQs not only unveils blog topics for months to come but also increases your chances of getting found in search results. Win, win!


2. Review insights from your website.

Your website analytics represents a host of powerful information just waiting to be unleashed! We regularly review our LMG website traffic to learn what pages and content are outperforming the rest. Using this information, we create blog posts centered around the hot topics. 

Pro tip: If you discover a broad topic that has gained popularity on your website, create a blog series! The topics you choose for the posts within the series should be specific yet directly related to the higher level topic. A series presents a great way to keep your audience engaged for an extended period of time. And while it’s running, be sure to continually promote it on your social media channels! 

3. Use the HubSpot Blog Idea Generator.

When all else fails, use the HubSpot Blog Idea Generator to get your creative juices flowing! Simply fill in a few fields with words you think you might want to write about and, within seconds, you’ll have a week’s worth of blog post titles.


Coming up with blog content should not be painful. Utilize these three tips and you’ll be publishing like a pro! Need more help getting your blog up and going? Be sure to grab a free copy of Jamie & Katie’s Guide To Blogging!


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