15 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs A Website

15 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs A Website.jpg

If you own a small business and don’t have a website, you’re missing out on many marketing opportunities. According to a 2017 study by Clutch, a Washington, DC-based business-to-business research firm, 71% of small businesses have a website. In the study, the businesses that didn’t have a website gave four common reasons why:

  1. They use their social media profile(s) instead.

  2. They lack the technical skills needed to build/manage a website.

  3. They don’t feel it’s necessary for their type of business.

  4. They lack the resources needed to invest in a website.

Are any of these reasons trapping you amongst the 29% of small businesses that don’t have a website? We’re here to help bring you over to the other side!


Introducing Mini Websites by LMG!

We get it. Some businesses just can’t afford the thousands of dollars it typically takes to design a website. That’s why we’ve created our Mini Website Package. It’s the perfect way to establish a professional online presence in a budget-friendly way. The best part? The Mini Website can be built upon in the future as your business becomes more profitable! 


What you’ll get:

  • (1) 15-minute phone call for planning and direction

  • (1) mobile-friendly concept that includes: About, Services, and Contact sections

  • (1) round of revisions

This is an awesome value at just $500! To view the details and restrictions, be sure to check out the Mini Website product page!


A website can transform the future of your small business ... 

Here’s our list of 15 reasons why you should make launching one a priority for this year.

  1. Improved chances of getting found in Google searches

  2. Competitive advantage

  3. Platform to showcase your industry knowledge/expertise

  4. Added channel for your customers to interact with you

  5. Added channel to announce news and updates

  6. Elevated brand image

  7. Ideal place to tout your best content and offers

  8. Ability to capture new leads who wouldn’t have found you otherwise

  9. Increased marketing opportunities

  10. More cost effective than brick and mortar

  11. Capability to track marketing and sales analytics

  12. Digital sales conversions = savings on time and labor

  13. New opportunities for targeted marketing campaigns

  14. Provide clients/customers with easy access to information (= less phone calls)

  15. By not having a website, you’re giving the impression you are no longer in business


Ready to become part of the 71%? Contact us today!