Mini Website

Mini Website


If you own a small business and don’t have a website, you’re missing out on many marketing opportunities. According to a 2017 study by Clutch, a Washington, DC-based business-to-business research firm, 71% of small businesses have a website. In the study, the businesses that didn’t have a website gave four common reasons why:

  1. They use their social media profile(s) instead.

  2. They lack the technical skills needed to build/manage a website.

  3. They don’t feel it’s necessary for their type of business.

  4. They lack the resources needed to invest in a website.

Are any of these reasons trapping you amongst the 29% of small businesses that don’t have a website? We’re here to help bring you over to the other side!

We get it. Some businesses just can’t afford the thousands of dollars it typically takes to design a website. That’s why we’ve created our Mini Website Package. It’s the perfect way to establish a professional online presence in a budget-friendly way. The best part? The Mini Website can be built upon in the future as your business becomes more profitable!

What you’ll get:

  • (1) 15-minute phone call for planning and direction

  • (1) mobile-friendly concept that includes: About, Services, and Contact sections

  • (1) round of revisions

*Pricing does not include domain, hosting fees, or incidentals.

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