Honeybook Review! We Made The Switch. Here's What We Think.

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At the beginning of this year, we switched over to Honeybook as our new client management software. We had researched a few different platforms and Honeybook just gave us a really good vibe. 😎It offered everything we needed at a very affordable price. It also appeared to be a platform geared toward creative types, which helped seal the deal for us.

Now that we’ve been using it for almost four solid months, we wanted to share some feedback!

Let’s begin with a review of all the things Honeybook does.

Project Management

Honeybook gives you the ability to set up new projects and manage them all from one place. There’s a dashboard that provides a high level view of everything you have going on and what stage each project is in.

Invoices & Online Payments

This is a biggie. It’s 2019, people … you really do need to be able to accept online payments! With Honeybook, you can generate invoices and email them over to your clients. In turn, clients can make payments online. The money hits your bank account within a few business days. Fast and easy!


With Honeybook, you can email a contract over to your client and have them eSign it. It all happens with just a few clicks of a button. It’s so simple on the client-facing side … and makes you look incredibly professional to boot!



One of our favorite Honeybook features, by far, is templates! When we first started our agency, we were constantly copying and pasting to create proposals. It was complete time suck. With Honeybook, you can create as many templates as your little heart desires. Templates for packages, proposals, emails … it’s all possible and incredibly easy to set up.


We’re creative people … not numbers people. So needless to say, accounting isn’t one of our favorite things to do. However, since we’ve switched over to Honeybook, keeping up with our business finances has definitely become less of a burden. We can track all of our revenue coming in and get real-time updates on profit and loss. We currently do not use Quickbooks but it’s important to mention that Honeybook does integrate with it. Another great feature on the bookkeeping side of things is payment reminders! It’s super easy to go in and see when payments are late and to send reminders to your clients.


You know all of those repetitive tasks within your business that eat up a bunch of time each week? The workflows feature in Honeybook helps streamline your entire process! Here’s one example of how we use workflows. In the past, we would send our new clients an email with a link to our Welcome Package as part of the on-boarding process. Now, with Honeybook, we have this email set up as a template and it’s queued up and ready to go as soon as someone signs their contract. It’s all about creating efficiencies, right?

Who’s Honeybook for?

Honeybook has been designed for the creative entrepreneur: photographers, graphic designers, web designers, etc. As a small web design agency, we feel the platform is a perfect fit for us. It’s fairly intuitive and the client-facing side of things looks exceptionally professional.

How much does Honeybook cost?

At the time of this blog post, Honeybook is currently offering two different plans: a monthly plan billed at $40/month or a one-year plan billed annually at $400 (which works out to $34/month). Both plans include a free 7-day trial, so you can make sure HoneyBook is the right fit for you and your business.

Save 50% off your first year!

Think Honeybook might be for you? Use the special link below to save 50% off your first year! You’ll get all of the very cool bells whistles we talked about above for just $200 for your first year. That’s a pretty awesome deal if you ask us!

If you opt for the discount, comment below and let us know how your free 7-day trial goes!