20 Free Google Fonts To Use In Your Boudoir Photography Business

Photo by Atikh Bana on    Unsplash

Photo by Atikh Bana on Unsplash

Experimenting and playing with different fonts is quite frankly one of my favorite pastimes. I’m a designer … what can I say? If you’ve ever attempted searching for fonts to use on your boudoir photography website or a piece of marketing collateral then you know how challenging the process can be. There are literally thousands of amazing fonts out there. How does one choose? And then there’s the whole licensing thing. For example, there are different licenses for desktop and print, WebFonts, personal use vs. commercial use, and (my personal favorite) open-source. Yeah, who knew fonts were so complex?

Bookmark this blog post, boudoir photographers! I’m about to save you lots of time and energy when trying to pick fonts. I’ve selected 20 Google fonts that are bound to look fabulous in your marketing! Let’s explore them!

Why Google fonts?

Google fonts are a top choice of designers. Why? Because they’re open-source so you won’t have to worry about license infringement!

“All of the fonts are Open Source. This means that you are free to share your favorites with friends and colleagues. You can even customize them for your own use, or collaborate with the original designer to improve them. And you can use them in every way you want, privately or commercially — in print, on your computer, or in your websites.” (Design Shack)

Need I say more?

Aside from the open-source licensing, another reason I love Google fonts is because of the variety. As I’m writing this post, there are currently a whopping 915 font families available! The library offers a robust mix of beautiful styles that can be mixed and matched to suit any brand.

So without further ado, let’s look at some lovely typeface!

Here are my top 20 favorite fonts for making a boudoir photography brand pop!


1. Dynalight

Dynalight is the script that love letters are made from. Dainty and seductive. Innocence unraveled. Sound like the personality behind your brand? Discover the versatility of Dynalight by playing with different colors and sizes.


2. Dancing Script

Does your brand as a boudoir photographer appeal to the girly-girl? Pink. Flowery. Festive. Flirty! Dancing Script is feminine and fun. I’d suggest using this font as a rich pink or magenta headline against a soft and simple background. Girl power!


3. Forum

Simple and crisp, Forum is a serif font that exudes elegance. Check out that uppercase Q! I recommend this font for body copy. It’s easy on the eye yet showcases a charming uniqueness. I’d use this font to elevate the look of the body copy within a brochure or guide.


4. Meddon

Meddon takes me back in time. Like the pristine penmanship that defines our Constitution, this font is refined and classy. With each letter flowing elegantly into the next, the words created in Meddon appear to stream effortlessly from a quill pen. Since this font is a thinner script, I would recommend using it as a headline on a solid background to really make an impact.


5. Pacifico

Pacifico is a chunky cursive font that reminds me of signage you might see in a surf shop. Easy-going, playful, and fun. For the beach town boudoir photographer who likes to let loose, this font is for you.


6. Arizonia

The lowercase letters in Arizonia are what really draws me to this font. A mix of relaxed handwriting and cursive, Arizonia combines the vibes of business and casual. This font would make for a lovely black and white headline.


7. Allura

If my handwriting could look like any font, I’d probably pick Allura. This cursive font is extremely clean and easy to read. Simply gorgeous. Being that it’s cursive, I would recommend using Allura for headlines or larger sub-heads.


8. Amatic Regular

Amatic comes in a few different versions but I like Regular the best! Amatic is an all caps font, which makes for a clean layout when stacking lines of copy on top of each other. Hassle-free and down-to-earth, meet Amatic!


9. Abril Fatface

I just had to add Abril Fatface to this collection. It’s thick and bold and shouts EMPOWERMENT! This font would look completely amazing as a black or navy blue headline against a pure white background. Is your brand on a mission to make a statement? Give it a whirl!


10. Satisfy

Yes, I picked a lot of scripty fonts for this boudoir-inspired collection! Satisfy is a more laid-back style of cursive. Some letters conform to the rules; some do not. Does your brand speak to the non-conformist? Try out Satisfy.


11. Yesteryear

Yesteryear is one of those fonts that reminds me of something yet I can’t quite put my finger on it. It evokes a familiarity. Déjà vu. The uppercase letters are striking. Their lowercase counterparts are delightful in their own right. Yesteryear makes a great choice for a headline that the eye will want to connect with.


12. Fredericka The Great

Does your brand tell a story … a fairytale? Do your clients leave feeling like a princess after shooting with you? If that sounds like your boudoir photography style, Fredericka is for you. Fredericka The Great looks like the text printed on an illustrated cover of a fairytale. It’s the font that will leave you feeling happily ever after. Test it out in all of the colors of your brand palette … it will not disappoint.


13. Tulpen One

Tulpen One is definitely one funky little font. Teardrop shapes differentiate this typeface, giving it an artistic and modern spin. Does your boudoir brand have a flare? Incorporate Tulpen One into your graphic designs! (Pssst…don’t be afraid to use all caps with this one!)


14. Arima Madurai

Arima Madurai would make for some very precious body copy text. It’s slightly whimsical yet very neat. Do you have a free guide that you give to your clients? Freshen up the design with Arima Madurai!


15. Vast Shadow

I love Vast Shadow! This font is flashy and dimensional. It’s perfect for big headlines that need to give off the WOW factor. To preserve the 3D-like effect that this font gives off, I would recommend placing it on top of either a solid or very transparent type of background.


16. Flamenco

You say Flamingo, I say Flamenco. This font is ultra cool. It’s fairly thin so I’d suggest using Flamenco for body copy. Be sure there’s good contrast between the color of the text and the background in order to let this little gem shine!


17. Zilla Slab Highlight

Highlight all the beauty of boudoir with Zilla Slab highlight. This font looks amazing in every color of the rainbow! You can use it to draw major attention to your headlines or even sub-heads. Take the Slab for a spin!


18. El Messiri

El Messiri is a pretty flexible font. Create a punchy sub-head using all caps or apply it to your body copy for that storybook kind of feel.Either way, I think you’ll have lots of fun with this one.


19. Crimson Text

Why use standard and boring fonts like Times New Roman and Garamond when you can be using a beautiful font like Crimson Text? It’s the little things that can totally upgrade the level of your marketing. Try Crimson Text for body copy text and see the difference.


20. Ruffina

Ruffina is a gorgeous serif font that’s bold and extremely legible. There’s just something about it. Like the words in a juicy romance novel, any text written in Ruffina will leave you wanting more.

There you have it … 20 FREE Google fonts that will transform the look of your boudoir photography brand. Try ‘em and comment below with your feedback!

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