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Staying Afloat In A Sea Full Of Critics: How To Respond To Negative Yelp Reviews

Your business is like your baby, right? You’re protective of it. You work extremely hard to support it and make it better each and every day. You have literally poured your blood, sweat, and tears into it. Hence, you see red as perfect strangers publicly lambaste it on platforms like Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Facebook.


Over the past several weeks, I spoke to several small business owners who share an aversion for Yelp in particular. Some of the common feedback they divulged included: 1.) Yelp frequently hounds them about advertising (which, btw, they find to be very pricey). 2.) They question Yelp’s integrity and business practices. 3.) 1-star reviews are oftentimes extremely harsh and lack actual constructive feedback for improvements.


The point of this blog post is not to give my personal opinions on Yelp. (If you wish to hear them, comment below and I’ll write a separate blog post.) The point is to give you sound advice for professionally handling negative customer reviews. Because let’s face it, guys. Customer reviews WILL impact your business.

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