Tuesday Tip #6: Responding To Reviews

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Some things never change. People will always have an opinion. What has changed are the pedestals and platforms that have been provided for everyone to voice said opinion. The Internet and social media have completely transformed how we obtain information about different businesses. In a land before time, you would choose the restaurant, cleaning service, or retail shop based on the referrals of other people in your circle of friends. Now, you can look up a business with a few strokes of your keyboard and scour the reviews left by strangers to base your decision on where you are going to bring your business.


As a business owner, this can be amazing, devastating, or sometimes even a mix of both, for your business. One “off” experience can lead to scathing comments and warnings to potential customers or clients. It can be a very tough pill to swallow. Here are two key pointers on how to respond to reviews.


1. Respond to positive reviews!

Say 'thank you' and let the reviewer know that you appreciate them taking the time to write such kind words. If they offer a suggestion, thank them for their feedback and implement the improvements if they seem suitable. 

2. If you are going to respond to a negative review, do so carefully and with class.

Do not engage in a battle of keyboard warriors. Sometimes saying nothing is appropriate. Depending on the situation, you can certainly respond but do so in a professional manner. Do not take this opportunity to degrade the customer because you are simply painting an ugly picture of yourself. Sometimes even a simple “We are sorry you didn’t enjoy your experience. We hope you give us a second chance in the near future ... ” If you feel further information is needed in order to rectify a bad situation, be sure to attempt to take the conversation offline


For more sound advice on professionally handling negative online reviews, click here! 


Why does this matter? It matters because people are absolutely reading reviews and watching to see how you respond. Bad reviews are like a train wreck that people can’t help but watch. Good reviews give potential customers/clients a glimpse into the positive experience they, too, can enjoy by doing business with you someday. Reviews help people determine what type of business owner you are and if they want to do business with you. Always put your best foot … or keystroke ... forward. 


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