From The Mouths Of Smiling Customers: 4 Creative Ways To Repurpose Your Reviews


It’s quite literally one of the best feelings ever. That moment when you receive a notification from Google stating that someone left you a 5-star review. I don’t know about you but whenever I see one of these, I immediately stop what I’m doing to go check it out. Seriously. I can barely contain myself in these moments.

Reviews … either positive or negative ... can seriously impact your business. Why? Because people trust their peers more than they trust marketers! Forbes research showed that “81% of consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by their friends’ social media posts.”

And according to Harvard Business Review, “84% of B2B buyers are now starting the purchasing process with a referral, and peer recommendations are influencing more than 90% of all B2B buying decisions.”

People trust their peers more than they trust marketers. That’s why it’s incredibly wise to try and leverage any glowing reviews you receive from happy customers or clients. How can you go about doing this? Let’s jump right in!

1. Create a graphic for social media.

Research has proven that social media plays a significant role in the buyer’s journey. Social Media Today sheds some additional light on this trend:

“There is safety in numbers. Human beings in general have a crowd mentality. This phenomenon is behind trends and fashions because people opt to move together in large groups. Thus, it is easy to sway them when they are in groups. This is why social media has become a hit when it comes to marketing. People will largely be convinced to make a buying decision if their peers have already done so. All you need to do is to demonstrate to them how the same product has benefited their peers and friends.”

Touting positive reviews in a creative way on social media can pay dividends. By using a platform like Canva, you can quickly and easily overlay text on top of a graphic. Pull little excerpts from your favorite reviews, make them visually appealing, tag the reviewer (with their permission), and post away. It’s as simple as that! Here’s an example of a graphic we created from a Google Review left by one of our favorite clients!

Beth Claire Review.jpg

2. Feature your favs in your IG Story.

We love Instagram Stories for many reasons. One reason being we can showcase client reviews there in a really fun way! To see how we do this, simply visit our Instagram (@thelittlemarketinggenius) and click on the Reviews highlight!

Pro Tip: If you can persuade any of your customers to do a short video shout-out, you can upload it to your IG Story for maximum impact

3. Create a Reviews page on your website.

Your customers can essentially post reviews about you in a number of different places … Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor … the list goes on. So why not organize the best of these reviews onto a single page on your website? Potential clients love to hear about the successes of other clients. A Testimonials or Reviews page is a great way to showcase all of the kudos you’ve already received. See how we’ve set up our Testimonial Page here.

4. Showcase a blurb in your newsletter.

If you email a regular newsletter to your subscribers, first off, you get a gold star! A newsletter is a great way to stay in front of your audience by sharing current info, events, and specials that pertain to your business. In your next newsletter, reserve a small section to include a blurb from a recent customer review or testimonial. It never hurts to remind your subscribers that you’re awesome (according to your clients).

Repurposing positive reviews and testimonials can pique the interest of future customers. Don’t be shy … use these to your advantage! If you have other creative ways of highlighting past reviews, share them with us in the comments!