Tuesday Tip #2: Communicating With Your Customers

Communicating With Your Customers.jpg

We all have different preferred methods of contact. As a business owner, you’re most likely already stretched pretty thin so it’s important to ensure you’re not setting yourself up to fail by advertising contact methods you can’t keep up with. For example, if you give your customers the option to message you on Facebook, you better be checking those messages regularly (and replying to them). An unanswered inquiry or question can easily result in a lost lead or customer. 



Choose your methods of contact based on your ability to monitor and reply quickly and efficiently. If you own a construction company and frequently visit job sites throughout the day, you may prefer clients contact you via phone rather than email for the sake of convenience. Regardless of your preferred method of contact, one thing is for sure … you need to tell your customers what it is!


Disable methods of contact that you are unfamiliar with or do not think you can manage appropriately. For example, if you are rarely on Facebook yet have Messenger enabled on your business page, you may want to consider removing that feature. Remember, you never want to leave people hanging for long periods of time after they reach out to you.


If you can’t disable certain methods of communication, set up an auto-message that will provide inquirers alternative options for contacting you. If you are planning a vacation or some time off from work, remember to set up an auto-reply for your email. Again, it’s all about setting appropriate expectations for leads and customers. 


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