Tuesday Tip #3: Use Fabulous Fonts

Tip 3 Use Fabulous Fonts.jpg

Fonts. Oh how we love you! You can be fun, creative, dramatic, silly, or sarcastic. You can deliver a vibe without using many words at all. You are a style of artwork that we can never ever get enough of. 


Yes, fonts are the pinnacle of great design. So explore them. Use them. Get wild with them! Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that Impact, Papyrus, or … dare we even say ... Comic Sans (eeeeeek!) are the only options you have to work with. There’s an abundance of free fonts out there, available for you to download and use in your marketing!    


HubSpot recently shared a list of 15 Of The Best Calligraphy Fonts You Can Download For Free. You can check it out here.


Remember, your font choice speaks volumes so choose wisely. Differentiate your marketing by using fabulous fonts! 


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