Tuesday Tip #8: Let Your Personality Shine

Photo courtesy of     Audra Nicole Photography

Photo courtesy of Audra Nicole Photography

One of my favorite things about the LMG website is that it fully embodies who me and Katie are as people. Colorful, fun, witty, and real. I browse the Internet often and have stumbled across many websites that completely lack personality. Copy-heavy, overloaded with stock photography, and boastful … yet lacking true substance. Missing the kind of stuff that would make me want to do business with you because I already feel like I know you. 


Today’s Tuesday Tip: Let Your Personality Shine


Incorporating your personality into your website and other marketing materials is actually a fairly easy thing to do. And trust us when we say, it will pay dividends. People want to deal with real people. Not robots or those people depicted in stock photos who appear to be overly excited to be at work. If you’re selling products or services online, this is especially important. Personalizing your website will help visitors get to know and trust you. (For more tips on how to earn trust on your website, click here.)


Take a good look at your current website, social media platforms, and other marketing collateral. Do they speak to who you are? Do they give a prospective customer or client an accurate glimpse into what it will be like to do business with you? If not, here are four quick and easy ways to incorporate your personality into your marketing:


1. Utilize professional photos of you and your team.

Professional photography will make your marketing burst with personality. Candid pictures of you and your team at work. Light and bright head shots. Rich and vibrant close-ups of your top-selling products. Professional photos will make a dramatic impact on your marketing and truly help to tell the real story about your small business. Making an investment in creative photography will launch your marketing from the realm of mediocre into magnificent! 


Photo courtesy of     Audra Nicole Photography

Photo courtesy of Audra Nicole Photography



2. Blog.

If you follow LMG, then you know that me and Katie are big fans of blogging. And we practice what we preach! A blog not only benefits your website from an SEO perspective but it also provides you with a platform to speak to your customers in your own voice. We’ve had numerous clients express fears over blogging. “I’m not a writer!” “What do I talk about?” “I’m clueless when it comes to this stuff.” Let us reassure you: 1. You CAN write. You KNOW what to talk about. You’re NOT clueless. (Read our Small Business Resolutions For 2018 for more on getting your blog started. You can do this! We promise.)


3. Don’t be afraid to record videos.

I’ll be quite frank. Facebook Live used to scare the shit out of me. The thought of pressing that record button and then completely freezing, not knowing what to say or do. However, when I realized how important videos were becoming in the world of social media, I knew I had to get over these fears. The success of our Instagram and Facebook accounts depended on it! However, I learned something else about videos. They allowed us to put a voice and personality with all of those photos we had been posting! Our website visitors and social media followers could now see us and hear us … making our connection even stronger!

The bottom line is, video is crucial these days. Get over your fears and start connecting with your audience on a much more personal level! (Need more evidence? Review Social Media Today’s infographic on The State Of Video Marketing In 2018. It’s incredibly compelling.) 


4. Feature a bio on your website.

About Us pages are not overrated. When I’m exploring a website, I always look for the About Us page to gain further insights on the company. How did they get started? What’s their backstory? Why are they in this line of business? For me, knowing more about the business owner gives me a level of comfort.

Featuring a bio on your website allows your visitors to connect with you. Tie that in with your professional photos and blog, well, that’s personalization at it’s finest! To get an idea of how to draft a bio, check out how me and Katie did ours


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