Lemmy's Christmas Story

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Twas the night before Christmas and we had a story to share. A story of before and afters but, most importantly, of a special dog being shown love and care.

It was a chilly fall morning when a sad bulldog was found. He was left on a back road with nothing around.

This is a tale that we hear all too often. Of dogs that have grown old and grey that are discarded without any sense of caution.

He had given up hope. He was so sick and in pain. His skinny body showed many years of neglect. This must be it ... his last day he met.

Someone must have been watching out for this sad bully boy. An Animal Control Officer appeared and the big oaf showed such joy.

He thought his Mom had sent them. He thought he was going home.

They jumped in the van and off they went. They arrived but home is not where they were. Looks to be he found himself at a shelter on a road called Pent.

This couldn't be right. How did this happen? He told himself he was such a good boy. This must be a mistake.

A cage was set up with soft blankets and food. It would do for now but it didn't seem good.

He became quite depressed as the days went by. He knew no one was coming. His Mom never even said goodbye.

The people at the shelter tried to be his friend but he just didn't understand. He was so scared and defensive in his pen.

It took several days and just as many treats and cookies alike. But this gentle giant found friendship in sight.

He saw that these people were not mean. One in particular showed him we were on his team.

He took time and patience, of course, all the time. He gave him a title, one that was quite fine.

This dog would be called Lemmy. A good name is quite vital!

He made quick friends with all of the staff. He certainly made all of them laugh.

He was quite silly and as sweet as they come. This boy was a star and most definitely raised the bar.

The story of shelter dogs though, especially ones like Lemmy, is that the shelter is not home. It is just a stop on their journey.

As great as he was, he was a very big boy. Families are often looking for much younger dogs, and ones that resemble a fluffy toy.

A plea was sent out to a rescue who just happened to be quite familiar with this big goofy breed.

In an instant they fell in love with the comical boy, with lots of love to give and lots of farts, too [p-u].

They weren't phased by his stink. They just fell in love. It was their new mission to bring this boy home, especially before Christmas.

They checked to see if they had the money to spare but sadly the cupboards were bare.

They had helped so many dogs this year past. Ones who had been so sick and wouldn't last.

They couldn't take Lemmy, not just yet. Only once they knew they could afford his vet.

It just so happened they crossed paths with some ladies who wanted to help ... and who knew how to raise money.

They had a thought, a dream if you may, that they wanted to share ... of helping some dogs find a home for the holiday.

They set up a raffle with tickets to buy. So many nice people shared their dream too. Money was raised and quite quickly there, too.

With this new money raised for this group, a miracle could happen. It took a whole troop! 

So with this great news, a ride was arranged to spring Lemmy from the shelter just in time for Christmas day.

No more hard floor to lay his head on at night. No more lonely time in his cage. His days were about to be much more bright.

He will spend this fine Christmas under a tree by the fire, and in a home full of glee.

Of course, this family is just for now, as they are angels called fosters. Soon down the road a forever family will show up. They are always on the rosters.

Until then he will be shown love and care. One thing is for certain, that we cannot forget ... to say thank you to you all. Lemmy and we are forever in your debt!

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

By Katie Ehlers

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