OUR MISSION IS To provide exceptional web design, branding, and Blogging for Creative entrepreneurs.




1. Celebrate the little things. 

Working with us will feel more like catching up with an old friend. We want to get to know you and your business. What are the little things that set you apart from the rest? Discovering, embracing, and celebrating that will be at the core of everything we provide to you.


2. Keep it real.

We’re straight shooters. At the heart of every relationship lies trust. Our promise is to be honest and upfront with you 100% of the time. This same concept applies to the way we’ll formulate strategies and market your business. Whether we’re redesigning your website or developing your business blog, the content will be real and clearly resonate with the humans who are consuming it. 


3. Love and learn.

Within five minutes of meeting us, you’ll know how much we love what we do. We’re passionate about delivering exceptional web design, branding, and blogging services for small businesses. In order to bring you the best, we’ve made a pact to never stop learning. Marketing changes constantly and it’s our mission to stay on top of our game, doing what we love to do! 



One of our core values at LMG is to always keep it real. That’s because we truly believe the most fruitful relationships are centered around trust and honesty. That said, we’re transparent on every level … including who we’ve determined our core customer to be. We want our journey with you to be exciting, positive, and very successful. The characteristics below describe the type of client we can best service:


Creative Entrepreneurs

We’ve worked for big corporations, we appreciate them, and have learned a ton from them. However, as our name implies, we’re little. LMG is a small agency strictly focused on helping creative small business owners succeed by providing exceptional marketing.


Believers of marketing

Let’s face it. There are just some folks who will never see a true value in marketing. We’ve worked with and for people like this and the experiences were far from pleasant or productive. We’re firm believers that professional marketing will take your business to a whole new level. Being open-minded and willing to experiment with different ways of doing things is a great first step toward achieving success. Are you ready to take it?


Passionate people

The most fun clients to work with, by far, are small business owners who have a wild passion for what they do. They’re the ones who wholeheartedly believe in their business and actively participate in making it even better. The truth is, if the love isn’t overflowing from the top, we’ll be hard-pressed to get your customers feeling that way. Best said by Tony Robbins, “Passion is the genesis of genius.”


Are we a match? See what we can do for you!