We’re the people who center our big day around our dogs.


Our cause

Between the two of us, we have: (5) dogs, (3) cats, and (1) bird. Our dream would be to live on a farm and rescue animals until the cows come home. (Like how we did that?) Since that's a stretch, we've chosen to help homeless animals in a different way. 


We've carefully hand-picked local rescues and shelters to raise money for each year. Through extensive research and Katie's background in the animal rescue community, we were able to partner with the most reputable, productive, and honest organizations around. 


Merely five weeks after launching Little Marketing Genius, we set up our very first fundraising campaign to benefit One More Dog Rescue. The campaign ran for six weeks and we managed to raise $1,000 in that very short amount of time. It was proof that we could make an impact. And those results lit a fire in us to support our cause even more fervently than before. 


How can you help?

Each year, we will run a variety of fundraising efforts to benefit the reputable rescues and shelters we support. The campaigns will be announced on Facebook, Instagram, our blog, and on this website page. Please stay tuned and consider supporting in any way you can. Remember, every penny and social share dramatically helps! It takes a village and we know we can create a powerful tribe of followers and supporters for every fundraiser we host. 

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