Katie Ehlers



A dream was dreamt.

I take great pride in the fact that in all my careers I have worked from the bottom and climbed that ladder to success. My career in marketing is no different. In fact, I discovered my love for marketing while working my way up in banking but even more so in animal control.

My partner, Jamie, is who discovered my marketing abilities; specifically my copywriting talents. Writing comes natural to me and being expressive with words has always been so much fun … whether I'm creating social media posts for adoptable animals or marketing my favorite wine. I love to make people feel what I'm feeling … see what I see. It's fun for me. I didn't realize that I could make a career out of it though! With that, a dream was dreamt, a journey began, and here we are!  

Where do I begin? 

The moment I turned 16, I hit the pavement looking for a job. I was raised in a family of movers and shakers. There was no time to spare. I landed my first gig with a local veterinary hospital caring for the animals in boarding. Not a glamorous job, but it certainly taught me the value of a dollar! I laugh when I think about how hard I worked, all for a whopping $7.50 per hour. I, of course, also held other miscellaneous jobs here and there. Networking all along the way because that's what I do! 

This eventually lead to me being offered a part-time job in animal control. I learned VERY quickly that animal control was not at all puppies, kittens, and definitely not butterflies. I worked directly under the Middletown Police Department. I picked up on the fact that people were not particularly receptive of me coming to their homes to talk to them about complaints being made about their pets. This forced me to change my mindset and retrain myself on how to deal with the public. It's incredible the difference it made when I stopped treating people as if they HAD to listen to me. Instead, I treated them as I would a customer. Voila, a likable Animal Control Officer was born!

It was in that moment that I realized I did in fact LOVE customer service. If I could empathize with a person in such high stress and emotionally charged situations, then I could most definitely provide outstanding customer service in any industry.

I eventually started a very successful pet-sitting business while also working part-time at Liberty Bank as a Customer Service Agent. (You will notice a trend that I have my hands in multiple things at all times. Keeps me out of trouble.)

Liberty Bank was a game changer for me. I was immersed in a completely different world ... corporate. Liberty allowed me to discover a different side of customer service. It was where I developed my ability to turn every call into an outstanding customer experience. No matter the inquiry or problem, every single call was an opportunity to go above and beyond. It was something I truly enjoyed and it did not go unnoticed. In five years, I went from a part-time entry-level agent to being promoted to Assistant Manager of the entire Customer Service Center. In my time at Liberty, I grew so much as a young professional. I worked side-by-side with the Marketing Department. It's also where I met Jamie, and for that alone I am so grateful.

I was later offered a position with the Town of Wallingford as their Animal Control Officer and department head. I felt compelled to take the position. Not because I wasn't happy with Liberty, but because my heart was still so deeply committed to saving animals. My experience with Liberty made me an ideal candidate for a department head so off I went. Having my own shelter to manage, and adoptable animals to re-home, I knew I needed to revamp the way we advertised our adoptables. Animals are remarkably marketable! To give these faces a story, to have their personalities pop through a post on social media, to give meaning to their existence … that was what put our shelter on the map. We were saving animals, the correct way, and made a name for ourselves. Wallingford Animal Control is now a leader in the industry and setting the example and standard for the rest of Connecticut shelters. High five!

During all of this time, I got married, obtained my real estate license, and had a child … a beautiful, sassy, and incredible little girl. My priorities shifted and I met a crossroads where I wanted to focus more on marketing and real estate and step away from the hands-on piece of animal rescue. Lucky for me, this is where Jamie and I reconnected on our journey as she adopted Mr. Bama Brown from our pound. I guess you can say the rest is history. 



Miscellaneous Goodies

  1. I am the mother of one tiny human, three canine children, and a feline friend.

  2. I love to travel and, if I had my way, I'd live off the grid in Antigua. Beach bum all the way.

  3. I can be bribed with wine and cheese.