Jamie Tomassetti

Owner & Founder


Humble Beginnings

My career in marketing began in 2001. I was halfway through my freshman year of college and had gotten my certification in Personal Training so I could work full-time. (Books, computers, car insurance … let’s just say minimum wage wasn’t cuttin’ it for me!) I quickly went on a mission to acquire new clients. My passion for fitness was deep and I fully believed in the service I was selling. However, in my mind, I was ‘just a kid’ and ‘why would anyone want to sign up with me?’ So I devised a plan to make myself look as professional and adult-like as possible.

Using my artistic talents, I created a series of brochures, flyers, and coupons to distribute at the local gym. I would relentlessly work the floor pedaling my homemade marketing materials until I ran out. Within months, I had built up a client base that was equally as impressive as the gym owner’s! It was around this time I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I would make a career out of marketing and sales. And then a very unique opportunity presented itself in 2004 …

A gym member approached me to compliment all of my marketing collateral she kept seeing. She then offered me an opportunity to interview for an open position at the credit union where she worked! She believed my marketing skills and drive would make me the perfect fit. I, of course, jumped at the chance.

Long story short, I scored the job at the credit union and was officially given the title Marketing Coordinator upon getting my Bachelor’s Degree from UConn. This was the launching pad for my career. (And to this day, I am beyond grateful to have been blessed with such an amazing opportunity … before graduating college, nonetheless!) 

My Journey (in a nutshell)

I moved on from the credit union in 2007 and began working as a Graphic Designer (eventually promoted to Brand Development Specialist) in the marketing department at Liberty Bank in Middletown, CT. My next leap was over to Galleria Stone & Tile in 2013 (also in Middletown) as Marketing Director. In 2015, I was discovered by Alliance Designer Products out of Montreal, Quebec and offered a position as their Inbound Marketing Manager for the U.S.

Each stop along my career path provided me with experiences and learning opportunities that helped me grow and evolve as a marketer. I’ve managed large-scale rebranding projects, lead massive website redesigns, and became an expert in HubSpot and the principles of Inbound Marketing. I’ve consulted small business owners just starting off and have ghostwritten a variety of blog posts. 

Sharing The Wealth

When I worked in the banking industry, I always joked that “if I could successfully market something as boring as a checking account, I could market anything!” The truth is, you can be successful at anything you have a passion for. My passion just so happens to be marketing.

In 2014 I founded The Little Marketing Genius so I could share the wealth of marketing knowledge and expertise I had built up over the years. Being an entrepreneur at heart, I have an affection for small business and a desire to help passionate people succeed. It would be my absolute pleasure to collaborate with you on your marketing journey.



3 Fun Facts About Me

  1. To this day, I remain a fitness fanatic. I have run one marathon, several half marathons, and strength train at the gym at least four days per week.

  2. I’m a pet mom to two cats (Mickey and Vi Vi) and one dog (a rescued pit mix named Bama). I don’t have a favorite (at least that’s what I tell them).

  3. If marketing didn’t pan out for me, I would have aimed for interior decorator or a food and wine critic.